The benefits of musical theatre

It can be a daunting thing joining a musical theatre group, especially if you’ve never performed before. So why do people do it? We’ve asked our members to share their thoughts about the benefits of joining a society.

“I had just moved to the Skipton area and knew no-one and had very little confidence. Since joining the musical last year I have built up my confidence and made some really great friends. We even do things other than just our production – we see other shows and even attempt beach trips in the snow”

Society members enjoy a meal together

“Before doing smtc I was all about dance. I struggled with the acting side and doubted my ability to sing. SMTC showed me something different and I have made life long friends with like minded people who’s passion is also performance and having fun. Even when smtc isn’t preforming we’re still doing things together.
I joined smtc for oklahoma and then every year since I’ve done carousel, Oliver, return to the forbidden planet, sister act and Adams Family”

Oliver! 2014

“I joined SMTC back in 1994 and was a member for over 20 years, even chairing the group at one point (and changed its name) 
I have made life long friends and finally done things I wish I’d done sooner
Smtc gave me the confidence to join other groups and allowed me to fulfill my passion for theatre
My favourite shows must be Pirates of Penzance and Calamity Jane. 
I’m looking forward to coming back and making new friends”

Addams Family 2018

“I was very much a late comer to Amateur Theatre. I’d already turned 40 when my daughter, through her best friend got involved in a local society. Next thing I knew I was being asked to help out backstage which I did for a couple of shows. I happened to mention that I had enjoyed acting and performing when I was at school. Before I knew it I was playing Mr Brownlow in Oliver! After a couple more shows I got involved at Skipton Little Theatre where over the years I’ve done about 20 plays. In 2009, completely out of the blue I received a phone call from Anita Eccles inviting me to audition for the part of Moonface Martin in Anything Goes, and that was the start of my connection to Skipton Musical Theatre Company.
Through Am-Dram I’ve made many life long friends and had some amazing experiences. I’ve made friends and connections with people in other societies which earlier this year meant I got to appear at The Alhambra
There is no greater experience than rehearsing for months and then seeing the reaction of an audience when you know you have nailed it!”

Society members on a trip to the Theatre

“In a way I’m a newbie with the society only about 25 years, give or take. What I have enjoyed with SMTC is meeting people, some my age but a lot of younger members have now joined and what is so gratifying is watching them grow in confidence both within themselves as well as stage craft and just coming ‘alive’ once they are on stage. I have learnt a lot over these years both from the ‘older’ and the ‘younger’ members of our society.
I look forward to this society growing from strength to strength with our ideas and wisdom in theatre put into one huge big pot and each and everyone gaining from those around us”

Sister Act 2017

“I’d never sing in public. It was always reserved for the privacy of my own home. I wasn’t sure if I could even sing! It took me years to pluck up the courage to join SMTC but I finally took the plunge after my first child was born. I didn’t want him to ever be afraid of doing anything. I wanted to lead by example. The first audition was scary but the panel were very friendly and supportive. I was amazed to get the role I wanted. My confidence in my singing and performance has grown so much since joining the society. I still can’t dance but the joy I get from performing is just magic, especially when my family are in the audience. I wish I’d done it sooner”

Rehearsals for our next production ‘Past & Present’ start on the 2nd of July in the Black Horse function room, Skipton. See you at 7:30pm. New members welcome, just turn up!